Man and van shepherds bush

If you’ve been casting around trying to think of another time in your life when everything has been as big an emotional roller coaster as when you move house, think back to the start of a relationship. I know it sounds daft but if you think about it there are lot of similar process. You start off on your own and dating, looking around for something to take your eye until everything clicks and suddenly you only have eyes for the one. You get excited. You get butterflies. You tell your friends and family all about this special thing in your life and you start thinking about how many plans you are to make for your future.

man and a van

The problem is , that while a good relationship will continue like this there is always a speedbumb in the road when it comes to moving. As moving day approaches the stresses and strains of the process cloud those excited feelings which is a real shame, but if you use the right removals company then you can stay a little bit more stress free and a bit closer to that honeymoon period.

We take care of everything. We can pack or unpack your boxes. We conduct a thorough assessment of what you willneed days or even weeks in advance so that you know only have (and are paying for ) exactly what you need in terms of people and vehicle space. After all, why should pay extra for empty square meterage?. We’ll even give you access to the very best packing materials,industry recommended without any heftty price tag. Like I said, we take care of everything.

We even have a Selection of handy hints and tips, built up fromour years of experience to cover every possible question that you might have. There are packs to help you deal with moving white goods safely and even to help get the kids involved and keep them calm. So what more do you need?. Just the name.

Shepards Bush is largely residential but to outsiders it is best known for the Westfield Shopping centre, the largest one of its kind in Europe. It was home to the fictional rag bone merchants Steptoe and Son and was the office used by the BBC for a long time. The Shepards bush Emipire has played host to world famous bands like David Bowie and the Rowling Stoness , but the Ginglik is a smaller venue where more intimate concerts can be seen. It is also the home of premier league club QPR who play their matches at Loftus Road, and also Olympic Hero Linford Cristie.