European Removals

european_union-flagsPeople looking for a change and moving to Europe has increased over the past few years, A different culture, way of living and lifestyle all await those moving to Europe and in particular the southern countries such as France, Spain and Germany. With so such culture, history and, of course, better weather it is easy to see why so many people swap the UK for Southern Europe.

The problems arise when it comes to shopping and moving your belongings to the necessary country. This can be quite problematic as you ar likely to have a considerable amount of stuff that you want sending and taking it yourself just is not an option. There are now a few companies that can ease the load off want sending and taking it yourself just is not an option. There are now a few companies that can ease the load off your mind by helping you take your belongings with you without you having to worry about it.

These companies are able to use road, air or sea freight or any combination of the three to get your possession to you in your new country of origin safe and securely. The service you chose depends on your budget and how quickly you want to get them over the destination. The good thing about Europe is that it is very close and can be accessed easily especially when the company has a list of trusted and accredited carriers.

You may need some items putting into storage days or weeks before you go and this can be arranged. For students who have left their halls of residence this may apply for you as the contract on your halls comes to an end and you need to spend a few weeks at home before making the trip of a lifetime. Instead of moving all your possessions home you can simply have them picked up by the international moving company and put into storage.

You can arrange what date you want them sending out so when you arrive at your new home your belongings will not be far behind. Make sure you have all our documentation to hand and fill out all
Forms to the fullest, If you need advice on what forms you need then contact the international removal companies for helps as they will be able to talk you through which forms you need and how to fill them out.

Take away part of the stress and hassle of moving abroad by choosing the right company that will do All they can to make the process easier for you. Moving abroad is a big decision to make so ensure you find the best service around to help you with the transition.


ASOS removals provide a dedicates European removals service delivering a professional, reliable and affordable removals and storage service for all removals to France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Italy Luxembourg, Belgium, Norway, Sweden. We are a friendly family run company who run company who pride ourselves on providing a caring and trustworthy service to all of our clients.